Reviewing Code Evaluation

The goal of the evaluation is to compare direct source code review with an inspection using the Symbolic Execution Debugger (SED). The evaluation is realized as part of Eclipse and fully self explaining. During the evaluation you can enjoy nice introduction videos about the tools and test your knowledge while answering questions about four or six code examples. Knowledge about SED and JML is helpful but not required. The evaluation usually takes about 60 minutes.

Participation (Installation)

Please follow the steps to participate in the evaluation:

  1. Install prerequisites:
  2. Ensure that your firewall allows access to on port 10947.
  3. Download the best matching preconfigured Eclipse Luna product. It contains all required features:
  4. Extract the downloaded ZIP archive (e.g. into a temporary directory).
  5. Start the executable file SED of folder SED.
    1. Use an empty workspace.
    2. Select main menu item Evaluation, Reviewing Code and finish the opened wizard.
  6. After finishing the evaluation the extracted folder SED (and the used workspace) can be deleted.

Useful Hints for the Evaluation


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Martin Hentschel (


The following screenshot shows the evaluation wizard: