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SMT Translation


This document is aimed at Developers who wish to contribute to the KeY-SMT integration, particularly the translation from KeY sequents to SMTLIB.


The main class for SMT translation, ModularSMTLib2Translator, is instantiated in the SolverType class. It is responsible for extracting high-level information from the sequent to be translated (such as the type hierarchy), and for writing the translation result back to KeY. The actual translation is orchestrated by a MasterHandler, which has access to a set of handlers for specific terms. All of these implement the SMTHandler interface. The MasterHandler schedules a term for translation and delegates it to a handler that reports it can handle terms of the given type. If the term contains subterms, the MasterHandler is called again recursively to translate these. The result of the translation is an SMTLIB S-Expression.

seqdiag { ModularSMTLib2Translator -> MasterHandler [label = "Term"] MasterHandler -> SMTHandler [label = "canHandle(Term)"]; MasterHandler ← SMTHandler [label = "Capability"]; MasterHandler -> SMTHandler [label = "handle(MasterHandler, Term)"]; MasterHandler <- SMTHandler [label = "translate(Term)"]; MasterHandler -> MasterHandler [label = "recursion"] MasterHandler → SMTHandler [label = "handle(MasterHandler, Term)"]; MasterHandler ← SMTHandler [label = "SExpr"]; ModularSMTLib2Translator <- MasterHandler [label = "SExpr"] }

Adding a new Handler

A handler is responsible for KeY terms of a certain type (e.g., boolean connectors, integer arithmetic, quantifiers, ...). Adding a new handler requires taking the following steps:

  1. Create the new Handler in the de.uka.ilkd.key.smt.newsmt2 package and make it extend the SMTHandler interface
  2. Implement the canHandle(), handle(), and init() methods
  3. Add the name of the new class to the /key/key.core/src/main/resources/META-INF/services/de.uka.ilkd.key.smt.newsmt2.SMTHandler file
  4. If your handler needs needs axioms or function declarations, add a file to the key/key.core/src/main/resources/de/uka/ilkd/key/smt/newsmt2 folder. The filename should be the same as the Java class, but the file extension should be .preamble.xml. Axioms and declarations are added as SMTLIB within XML entry tags. The axioms and declarations will be loaded on demand, if a term of the corresponding handler type is found on the sequent.

Example (from BooleanConnectiveHandler.preamble.xml):

<entry key="bool.decls">
(declare-fun u2b (U) Bool)
(declare-fun b2u (Bool) U)
(declare-const sort_boolean T)

<entry key="bool.axioms">
(assert (instanceof (b2u true) sort_boolean))
(assert (instanceof (b2u false) sort_boolean))
(assert (forall ((b Bool)) (= (u2b (b2u b)) b)))