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Stubby - The Stub Generator

Stubby allows to generate stubs annotated with default JML specifications for used API members.

The following sections illustrate the main features of Stubby using screenshots. Each section contains numbered screenshots that explain a usage scenario step by step. Clicking on each picture produces a more detailed view. The screenshots may differ from the latest release.


Stubby is compatible with Eclipse Luna (4.4) or newer.

Required update-sites and installation instructions are available in the download area.

Generate Stubs

  1. Select "Generate Stubs" in the context menu of a Java project.

  2. Define generation settings and finish the wizard.

  3. Inspect the generated stub files.

Edit Generated Stubs

  1. Open the stub file to edit.

  2. Replace @generated with @generated NOT to ensure that changes will be maintained during stub generation. Modify specification afterwards.