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User-defined abstract data types

Currently (as of KeY 2.4), it is not entirely possible to define new data types as a user which are available in JML specifications. Even though functions, predicates, and proof rules are defined in .key files, some things need to be hard-coded.

The type 'Free' is meant as a basis for adding user-defined theories. It is used for 'quick and (not completely) dirty' addition of user-defined theories which can be given in the taclet language. The data type is built-in into KeY and can be accessed in JML as \free. In JML, functions and predicates can be accessed through the escape keyword \dl_ (details).

The type always contains at least one unique function 'atom', the neutral element. Otherwise, you can define your theory around it by adding functions, predicates, and rules. To conform with KeY's guidelines, please mark your rules as either axiomatic or lemma. In order to prove lemma rules in KeY, axiomatic rules need to syntactically appear before others in the file.

The theory must be defined in file key/key.core/resources/de/uka/ilkd/key/proof/rules/freeADT.key. Example theories can be found under key/key.ui/examples/theories. Copy one of these files to this location and run 'ant compile' in key/key.core